Let me Devour you
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I am the true Lord of the cosmos, throughout history. Humans think me a mere celestial object and have labeled me as such, calling me NGC 4889. You however may address me as Your Majesty or should you feel daring, Lord Nero.

I've been around far longer than you can imagine. Keep in mind that you don't merit my attention, but if you insist on grovelling I don't care to stop you.

Anonymous asked: Should you get your hands on the creator, what will you do? 

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"T҉he̴  C͠r͞e͞at̵o̶r̨   w̷il̢l͡  w̴a̧l̛k   Rea͟l҉it͞y͝.”


"Hi̵s͡  a͘rm̸ies̷  w̢il̶l̶  g͡áţh̡er͟.   A҉s  i̷t  w͝a͜s͘  i̷t  s̶ha̕l͜l  bȩ.͜   I̶  H̕i͞s̨  ge͝ner͜a҉l͟  án͝d  t͜h͝e͢  W̷͜͞a͝r̡̛  wi͡ll̵  e̸͡n͠d̶̷̵.”

"A̛͏l̷҉͝l̕  wí̡͢l͘͟͡l͢  r̶e͏t͘ų̧r̸̡n̢͘͟  t̢o̸   t̲̮̣̟̬̀h̴̲̘̗͞͠e̴̺̬̗̭̳͎͔̼͟    V͞҉̸̰̪̭̲̞̜̱̹̗͘͜ͅo̷̢҉̛̬̰̗̜̟͎̗̼̯͍̯̯̟̦͟ͅi̧͜͞҉̜͈̜̹͓̣̭̦͚͎͇̳d͇̗͚̝̺̯̼͚̬̱͚̱̦̻͓͉̕͟.”

of-death-and-fear asked: He felt familiar eyes on him again. The predator. Valrún turned and caught his gaze; better to let him know he had seen him rather than remain unaware. Swallowing nervously, the boy mustered up his courage and walked across the Glen to greet the Lord. "Hello again." He felt quite proud that his voice didn't quiver even a little! 




A scent that wasn’t foreign, not completely, but neither was it a part of his fledgeling’s Glen’s natural bouquet. It was easy to follow, and even easier was to note the red mop of hair among the greenery.

Unexpected, especially here of all places. Perhaps his fledgeling already had the start of a …collection of her own. Or was this child an intruder, it would be dealt with quickly.

"I remember you. The little runt of nightmares and death.

"Why are you here?"


That got his hackles up. “I can help!” Valrún scowled.

So maybe he wasn’t the biggest like his sire or the smartest like his father, but he could help! The boy turned his head away in a frustrated pout. “I’ll just find out myself,” he grumbled stubbornly. It made more sense to Valrún if he was just told. Then he wouldn’t waste time figuring it out and could help better. Adults liked their secrets too much.

"If you try to find it out from her I will count you among those who try to disturb her."

He really didn’t have patience for the stupidity of children. There was plenty of reason why he always found surrogate parents even for the celestial brats that he was forced responsibility over.

And this one couldn’t even grasp that the situation was far above his status or level and act accordingly.



"A bit of this, a bit of that."

A voice, disembodied at first, but detectable in direction to the shadows. A glint of white teeth and a glance of sharp, green eyes.

"The position of the little caretaker you constellations call the tsar seems to be steadily weakening."

he twitched when hearing the Black Hole somewhere nearby, his lips curling up to bare teeth, but he relaxed his instincts and turned around, seeing the Lord hiding yet in the shadows. He gulped down the nervousness and gave him a cold slight glare

"I have heard that Hannah Smalley wants to travel…but I do not take this as a weakness, nor anything…what do you know that I don’t, Lord Nero. Does this affect her stand for a heir? Does the…" he spat the world almost. "…Tsar taking this ill?"

Such entertaining reactions as ever despite it almost seeming that the lordling had grown better at controlling them. A pity, though trying to fool the senses of a black hole was a futile task.

"So have I."

One, lazy smile could carry so many implications, especially to one as paranoid as Nero knew this little lordling to be.

"I hear she’ll be gone from the nest for months."

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It was never pleasant, the feeling of losing part of oneself, no matter how small. Willingly bleeding elements was of course different, the matter required so minute in amount it was unnoticeable, but this… what he was letting her take from him was equivalent to a star, albeit a small one, and an effective reminder of the all-too-recent tearing and instability as nearly a third of his own essence had been ripped away, roaming the cosmos under its own will.

Just one star’s worth, and he already felt nauseous. There would be more required, too, before she was beyond the point of dangerous instability. Much more.

A deep, steady breath, and he disintegrated and devoured a small stone while the fledgeling still fed, closing the wound at the right moment to limit the amount of matter available for consumption.

"This should be enough for now."

The effects of the singularity felt as if it flowed through her, rushing like a rapid and soothing like the tide slipping back out to sea. Her sense of taste and smell heightened to the extent she knew of every living life in her glen, experiencing it all at once and individually at the same time. Sound drifted in and out like waves, from deaf to exceptional hearing.

Her eyes remained closed as she slowly knelt to her knees, and eventually just laying down on the grass. Her eyes finally opened when she no longer felt like she was suspended in zero gravity. Pupils dilated to near pure black with a ring of garnet burning around them, the pupils resembling the blood she had consumed.

Elsewhere in the glen things began to shift as the core began it’s change, to grow and stabilize.

"Shh. Rest, my little one."

His voice at odds to how it often was, soothing and low without mockery. And why not, just this once, when what he looked after consisted half of his matter. In time she would assimilate her new mass, grow into it, but for now the fledgeling was helpless and without coordination. The shifts around them, trees rustling restlessly and a distant rumble of crumbling stone, merited only a flicker of attention.

Feasting on the equivalent of one’s own body mass was rarely a pleasant experience before digestion kicked in. Nero had invested much into this one, and intended to see it not be wasted.



<”How have you fared, my golden pet?">

A voice echoing with no direction of origin, not just in Gold’s mind, but something akin to it. Though not there with his star, the Black Hole Royal remained aware of him, a thread of something older and more powerful than magic connecting the two through Gold’s collar.

<”You are safe where you are, but should your light be replenished and your blood restless I can fetch you.”>

He smiled when hearing the voice of his master. He really did hear him everywhere, it was wonderful. The feeling of not being alone was grand and he smiled wide.

"Oh, Master, I’m so happy that you’ve heard me…I felt so alone.." he frowned a little, but then brightly looked up, careful fingertips brushing over the collar. "I would love to travel with you again, Master Nero…I enjoyed accompanying you and…it i-isn’t nice to be alone" he hated whining infront of his master, but he felt like he should at least a little bit, so he would understand

When he woke up once in the lap of his master, while he watched and thought about other things than himself, but his hand gently stroked through his hair…it was as if there was no place but here where he belonged too. It was as if he finally got home.

<”…Very well.”>

There was a thoughtful pause, as the black hole considered the best course of action for the current situation.

<”A little more patience though, my dear one. If you can, make your way towards the constellations on your own to start with. I will find you.”>

motherovernature asked: Tired little fledgling pulls herself out of the depths of her room and comes to find her guardian. When she does she settles down next to him with a hum, tilting her head upwards. "May I give you something?" she asked in q soft voice. 



Why was she out and about already? It wasn’t safe for her to move around much yet, not when she was still far from large enough to be safe from destabilising again, or further even.

Though, suppose she had to move, then at least she was seeking his presence rather than exposing herself to further unrest.

"I do not turn down offerings. What is it?"

"It… erm… a sign of affection… of gratitude… just a kiss if you don’t mind." 

One could blame it was the tired weariness she was experiencing, the odd sensation of growing and stabilizing as the blood of a singularity energized her being. Fully cohesive or not, she still felt the need to give and receive affection.

Nero was the only person she desired to fulfill this with, really if he wouldn’t of objected she would of been quite happy with him curling up with her in her room. Though asking for such a thing… well she was still timid in many area’s with him. No matter what that would probably always be there. 

A kiss as a sign of gratitude and affection was odd, though he’d observed it among lesser beings. Ones that weren’t able to tear apart matter and reality with the touch of their mouths and breath, and shred even time with their teeth.

But suppose old habits died hard, and his fledgeling would now have little energy or will for treachery, even had she the mind for it.

The black hole nodded slowly.

"I accept."

Who I Was





"Now I’m hearing voices in my fucking head."

"Y҉o͟u͘͡    c̕o͠n̶t҉a̧͢i͟n.͞”

Who I Was



"I dreamt of being that man again.”


"The memories can’t stay buried, can they?"



"Talking might serve the purpose this time."

He hadn’t moved from his spot, a foot or so above the floor at the back of the cabin, for a long time, several of what passed for days in deep space. There was no further need to meditate and proper rest would see him too far removed from the reality around him when coasting along the outer edges of inhabited realms and constellations.

"Planetbound insects are short-lived enough that whatever you decide to …ramble about will likely include things I haven’t heard."

She frowned at his explanation, and even more so that she could grasp the perspective behind it.  Insect versus the top Apex. Sitting up and turning around she scrunched her face and was thoughtful. 

"Not sure what I want to ramble about… I am not the most fond of talking about current day politics or anything, I prefer science about planets and animals and space. I can also go on about spacecrafts and weapons. If I must… give me a topic and I’ll try to elaborate."

It was true, she was horrendously bored herself, and it wasn’t often that an insect could hold a conversation with a predator.

"Something that you… like talking about. I doubt the pilot of an exploration vessel would have interests more boring than the monotony of space."

Politics were something Nero could easily get up to date on should need be, but the others… well. Vessels and weaponry generally held little interest save those far and few between that were developed to try and combat his kind, and science…

He probably knew far more on that subject than this little starling. Than again, it could be interesting to see what the general consensus was at this time on matters, and how far off it was from truth.